PAPER WASPS - After returning from a woodland hike, Clara's daughter's behavior turns increasingly bizarre and dangerous. Convinced that her daughter is possessed by the Devil, Clara turns to Father Daniels, the family priest. Although Father Daniels is dubious of Clara's claims, he agrees to investigate the matter. Soon the two are embroiled in a search for the truth... A truth more terrifying and lethal that either of them ever suspected. What started as a search for answers, quickly becomes a fight for survival against an ancient evil.



Christine (Katie Jo Fulks) menaces her mother, Clara (Sunny La Rose), as an insidious evil grows inside her.

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As night falls on the forest and darkness descends, the entities grow bolder... and more powerful.

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Clara searches for her daughter; unaware that the evil within her daughter has already begun to consume her.

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Freed, Christine confronts her captors.

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